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Reach New Levels of Enterprise Productivity Through a Unified User Experience

The workplace has evolved at an unimaginable pace in the last few years. The very definition of work, as we know it, is being conclusively altered. No longer is work limited to a “brick and mortar” location where we must customarily show up to prove our efficiency. The pattern.. [ Read More ]

Cloud Unified Communications Meet Mid-Market Information Technology Challenges

We had recently discussed how cloud communications directly supports the mid-market’s primary business objectives. Empowering its users with technologies to make them more productive is a key driver for cloud-based UC in the mid-market. But it’s not the only reason why IT.. [ Read More ]

Now is the Time to Embrace Enterprise Mobility

It’s hard to find anyone without a smartphone in hand these days. We are besotted with the idea of staying continuously connected as we move through our day. And unlike many trends, using smartphones and other mobile devices clearly crosses generations – from tech-savvy.. [ Read More ]

Tap into the Mid-Market with Cloud Unified Communications

Mid-market businesses are a relatively untapped market for service providers in the cloud-based unified communications (UC) arena. The growth potential of this market is astounding—cloud UC market penetration is expected to grow 7x in the midmarket segment by 2020, more than any.. [ Read More ]