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The Cloud Goes Historic!

Almost everyone reading this post knows exactly what the “cloud” is, and these days most consumers do too. However, what they often don’t think about is where or what that cloud actually is – which is a collection of physical servers that have to sit somewhere. And that.. [ Read More ]

Cloud Architecture Adoption For UC Service Providers In a Competitive Landscape

There is no doubt that cloud is the future and service providers need to transform themselves. Cloud architectures essentially are designs of software applications where the underlying computing infrastructure is only used when it is needed, so it will enable rapid service.. [ Read More ]

Rogers Communications help workers go mobile-first with BroadSoft

The increasingly mobile workforce is challenging businesses of all sizes to equip employees with the technologies, applications and devices to remain productive from any location and at any time.  [ Read More ]

5 Benefits of Being BroadWorks Certified

The VoIP and telecommunications industry is changing rapidly and staying current is crucial. In our last post, we announced four new courses specially designed to provide you in-depth expertise in a variety of solutions offered by BroadWorks. [ Read More ]