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Interoperability Technology Partner Program

BroadSoft supports an extensive interoperability, providing assurance to telecommunication service providers that Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) devices work seamlessly together with the BroadWorks platform.

Access Solution Partners

Access Partners are companies that provide customer-premise equipment (CPE) and network hosted access equipment for either the business or consumer markets. These devices and equipment use the SIP or Media Gateway Control Protocols (MGCP) to communicate with BroadWorks.

Some examples of access equipment are SIP phones, Media Phones, ATAs, IP-PBX, Session Border Controllers, SIP Soft clients and Voice Mail Platforms.

Network Partners

Network Partners are companies that provide equipment that, from a BroadWorks perspective, face the network. Some examples of network devices are soft switches, media/PSTN gateways or SIP Proxies.

How it Works

  • BroadSoft provides your company with an account on our public interop servers. Partners participating in the Consumer Solution Program are also provided with an Xtended account which gives them access to the Xtended documentation, developers program and Xtended sandbox.
  • BroadSoft supports the testing and formally reviews the results.
  • Approved vendors are listed and provided with a Partner Profile page on Xchange. An Xchange profile allows partners to promote their services and demonstrate how they easily integrate with BroadWorks.
  • Companies are asked to re-validate with each new BroadWorks release, as well as any new release of their service.

Through BroadSoft Device Management, providers can quickly provision analog terminal adapters (ATAs), IP phones, integrated access devices (IADs) and IP PBX equipment or any access device that uses XML/HTTP for profile management at the customer site. A simple login process is used to retrieve the appropriate user-specific files directly from BroadWorks. Providers manage and control all aspects of device configuration centrally in the network, reducing the time it takes to provision phones from hours to minutes and eliminating the need for a technician visit.