The pioneer of hosted, cloud delivered communications

From call control, to individual and group voice features, to easy to use administrative interfaces, hosted PBX offers have led the transformation of businesses away-from premise-based PBX options to cloud solutions.

Without the limitations of having equipment on-site, Hosted PBX gives users the enhanced feature-functionality of PBX and IP PBX systems, all managed by the service provider in their network.

BroadSoft Hosted PBX includes:

  • Business Telephony features and functionality
  • Mobile Unified Communications enabling corporate control over mobile phones and the convenience of desk phone features on employees mobile devices
  • Integrated Call Center, Conferencing and Messaging functionality
  • Built-In Video Telephony and Video Business Services using BroadWorks Multimedia
  • Integration with Enterprise Applications like CRM, ERP, and vertical apps

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Hosted PBX/IP Centrex Datasheet

With Hosted PBX/IP Centrex, businesses no longer need to worry about the significant cost of managing and maintaining premises communications systems.


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