Integrated Services to Enable Employee Productivity

A suite of advanced, fully-integrated, multimedia messaging services for business and consumer customers, including standard voice messaging, fax messaging, and video messaging. With BroadWorks Unified Messaging, end-users have the flexibility to access and manage their messages from their email, phone, web, and mobile devices for a truly unified experience.

With BroadWorks Messaging, end users have access to all the features they are familiar with from advanced legacy voicemail systems, plus enhanced capabilities that allow them to receive fax and video messages, receive messages in their email, and get message notifications at their fixed and mobile phones, and desktop.

Route all calls, whether to fixed or mobile devices, to a single mailbox; receive message waiting notifications at every device and the desktop; and retrieve messages from any device and the desktop. Users finally have the ability to manage all their messages quickly and easily.

Support Legacy Network Architectures

BroadWorks Voice Messaging can be deployed as a fully integrated service for users hosted on BroadWorks; or as a standalone service, providing next-generation messaging services to users that are hosted on an existing legacy switch.

Fax Messaging

No more lost faxes since fax messages can be sent directly to email. Users can also use the voice portal to print fax messages to any fax machine.

Video Messaging

Communicate with video messages. Users can create and receive video messages using BroadWorks, including video mail greetings (no answer, unavailable), Automated Attendant greetings, Video on Hold, and Call Center video entrance and comfort announcements. Video messages are played back to video-enabled phones, and sent as attachments to email, just like voicemail messages.

Enhanced Messaging and Content Sharing

Benefit from seamless messaging between any device, anywhere, anytime with enhanced messaging and content sharing. BroadWorks supports the “Rich Communications Suite” (RCS) initiative to provide seamless messaging between any devices, anywhere, at any time. This represents the evolution of circuit-based, device-dependant messaging like SMS to packet-based networks and supports services like conversational chat, content sharing (video and image), and document sharing.