Technology Leadership

Driving IP Communications Innovation and Leading the adoption of SIP voice communication standards
  • 482188931 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

    BroadSoft actively promoted the adoption of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as the standard in voice communications. BroadSoft was the first, in a partnership with Siemens, to test SIP interoperability, and through BroadWorks, delivers on the promise of open standards in voice communications.

  • 169263628 IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

    BroadWorks is a leading application server platform as defined in the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture, and is part of more than 70 networks worldwide.

  • 452412933 Multimedia Telephony (MMTel)

    MMTel is an end-to-end network solution that enables real-time multimedia services and content, such as real-time video, text, file-transfer, picture sharing and audio to be delivered over broadband networks. It also offers the ability to add or drop media during a session. For example, you could chat, add a caller, and add a video or transfer files within a single mobile call.

    BroadSoft has extended the IMS architecture for its award-winning BroadWorks application server platform to include Multimedia Telephony (MMTel), the global industry standard.

  • 475147547 PacketCable™

    Under the guidance of the CableLabs standards consortium, PacketCable™ is an initiative to develop interoperable interface specifications for delivering advanced, real-time multimedia services over two-way cable plant. In order to better serve the Cable MSO community, BroadSoft has been an active participant in developing the application layer specifications for Residential SIP Telephony (RST) and Business SIP Services (BSS) as defined by the PacketCable™ Applications working group.

  • 169275280 Voice and Video Over LTE

    Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the next major step in mobile radio communications.
    The advantages of LTE are high throughput, low latency, plug and play capabilities, a superior end-user experience and a simplified network architecture resulting in a 10X improvement cost-per-megabyte to carry data traffic.

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