Class 5 Migration

Service providers are modernizing their legacy networks by moving to an all-IP based infrastructure due to:

  • Subscriber loss to wireless, cable, and FTTx services
  • Successful integrated access business offerings from the competition
  • End-of-Life and End-of-Support of TDM Class 5 Switches
  • Innovative services via Web 2.0 voice integrations for higher revenues and lower subscriber churn
  • Green initiatives to realize lower power consumption vs. Legacy Class 5 switches

BroadSoft offers two different solutions tailored for the individual carrier’s business needs.

Class 5 Overlay

To prolong the life of Class 5 switches, BroadSoft offers a solution called Class 5 Overlay, or TDM Overlay. Class 5 switches' call processing is re-homed to the BroadWorks platform, while the Class 5 switch continues to provide connectivity to the legacy subscribers. This enables service providers to deliver enhanced feature sets, fixed mobile convergence (FMC) applications, and Web 2.0 voice mash-ups to legacy subscribers, without requiring broadband access. Learn More

Class 5 Migration

When the time comes to physically replace the Class 5 switches, BroadSoft has an elegant answer. Leveraging best-in-class partnerships for Line Access Gateways (LAGs), the service provider replaces Class 5 switch line frames with a LAG. Learn More