BroadSoft UC-One

UC-One is transforming business communications by ensuring a superior experience.

Innovative telecommunications service providers have fundamentally changed the way enterprises communicate with the introduction of hosted, cloud-based voice services. Thanks to their progressive approach to modernizing communications solutions, these service providers are best positioned to deliver on the promise of hosted Unified Communications (UC); providing a more strategic alternative for enterprises, with these applications available from a service provider's network, not on the customer premise.

UC-One is a comprehensive, open Unified Communications platform that combines all of the critical elements telecommunications service providers require to ensure the rapid delivery of their Unified Communications solutions.

UC-One's four elements will help service providers design and introduce a wide-range of successful communications solutions for the market segments they serve and to meet the variety of communication needs of individual users.

UC-One unified communications elements:

The User Experience

One of the biggest issues for users today is attempting to manage multiple communication applications and services, often from separate service providers, on the many different devices they may want to use. Lack of integration between all these services and devices, having to deal with numerous different contact lists, and trying to remember various logins and passwords, causes frustration. With UC-One, service providers can offer the power to seamlessly communicate using one familiar user interface from any of the user's favorite devices, simplifying access to a fully integrated UC experience including voice, video, messaging, conferencing and collaboration.


The growing use of mobile devices, from laptops to smartphones to tablets, is not only pervasive throughout all business sectors, but is now considered a necessary component of a successful Unified Communications solution. Recognizing this shift, BroadSoft has architected mobility capabilities into all UC-One products and services, optimizing our easy-to-use interfaces and our broad range of UC services to provide full mobile integration. Service providers of all types can now quickly extend mobile UC services to a variety of devices on existing mobile networks including 2G, 3G and 4G, keeping their customers connected from wherever they are.


BroadSoft's UC-One platform is purpose-built to offer service providers with the flexibility to integrate third-party applications with their offers in order to meet the unique communications needs of the market segments they serve. Based on an open platform with documents APIs, UC-One is a true non-proprietary solution. Through our Xtended partner program, our ecosystem offers a variety of existing applications that are completely integrated with UC-One and offer a seamless communication experience.


Planning, launching and implementing hosted UC services requires a different approach, and the UC-One Go-to-Market program can help service providers with the rapid launch of successful market offers. Having worked with providers from around the globe on some of the largest deployments, BroadSoft has the expertise and the track record to understand best practices. From our content portal Xcelerate, to lead generation, sales enablement and customer fulfillment programs, the Go-to-Market team's expertise is always available to help service providers meet their goals.