The role of the contact center is changing, from cost center to strategic corporate asset. While focusing on cost reductions made sense a decade ago, today it’s all about agent productivity and maximizing sales and service business outcomes – in addition to operational efficiency.

Yet many companies are saddled with on-premise contact center systems cobbled together from different vendors at different sites.

Looking for a better solution?

Welcome to BroadSoft CC-One!

Whether you’re a new business creating your first contact center, a medium size business looking to improve contact center operations, or a large enterprise needing visibility and control over multiple contact center sites, BroadSoft CC-One has a solution that will fit your needs.

BroadSoft CC-One is truly unified contact center solution, offering not only omni-channel interactions over web, email, chat and social with your customers, but also integrated collaboration between your agents and the back office through voice, chat and video.

Got an old system in place already? No worries, CC-One can gracefully migrate you to the cloud and all of its benefits, without expensive and risky "rip and replace” approach.

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Experience the Benefits of CC-One

BroadSoft CC-One improves the efficiency of your agents, contact center managers and administrators, creating a seamless customer experience across all major communication channels.

Here’s How CC-One
can help your business

Increase First Call Resolutions

Arm agents with the information and resources they need when they need them

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Match customers with agents having the best performance records for each customer’s anticipated needs

Reduce Call Abandons

Monitor and manage service levels in real-time, prioritizing previous abandons

Optimize Resource Usage

Balance call loads across teams, sites and systems worldwide from the cloud

Maximize Sales and Upsells

Route customers to agents with the best sales records on similar customer or product sales

Improve Agent and Back Office Collaboration

Provide voice, chat, email, video communications anytime, anywhere

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CC-One is part of the BroadSoft Business portfolio

BroadSoft Business provides businesses of all sizes with the most advanced portfolio of enterprise-ready cloud PBX, Unified Communications, team collaboration and contact center services.

Our flagship BroadSoft Business applications including UC-One, Team-One and CC-One are delivered from carrier-grade platforms—BroadWorks and BroadCloud—which are optimized for mobility, openness and security.

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