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BroadSoft Beat

Migrating Communications to the Cloud: An Opportunity to Improve Business Processes

Given the recent challenges facing several on-premise PBX and contact center systems integrators, it is no wonder that companies are left asking what the future of on-premise looks like, can their current vendor survive the current market conditions, and is now the right time to.. [ Read More ]

Attend a Panel Discussion at Enterprise Connect on Cloud Architectures with Rahul Aggarwal, VP Product Strategy, BroadSoft

Next week I’ll be joining Blair Pleasant and several other experts in an interesting discussion on cloud architectures. There’s a lot of talk these days about the pros and cons of different types of cloud architectures, but it’s safe to say that multi-tenancy architectures are.. [ Read More ]

Join Tony Lopresti, VP of BroadSoft Team Collaboration at Enterprise Connect to Discuss the Market Landscape of Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration “grew up” in the last 12 months. A market that was recently the domain of startups and point solutions is now being entered by some of the largest technology companies in the world.  But this is no surprise. A recent global survey indicates that corporate.. [ Read More ]

Enterprise Connect: Cloud Communications 2020 Panel - Zeus Kerravala and Mark Straton, VP Product Marketing and Influencer Relations at BroadSoft

I’m looking forward to a great and lively discussion on Cloud Communications 2020: Will Enterprise Go to UCaaS - and Beyond? as I present the BroadSoft approach to cloud communications and our view of the future of work next week. Cloud communications is a hot topic for.. [ Read More ]