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iStock_000064461829_Large.jpgBy replacing the conventional PSTN trunk with a SIP trunk, businesses can keep existing PBXs and take advantage of new cloud-based IP apps and services that can be offered via the SIP trunk. SIP Trunking essentially combines data, voice and video into a single line, offering one of the most cost effective ways to migrate to VoIP and Unified Communications (UC). This also results in providing an easy migration path to fully hosted services in the future, when the organization is ready.

Here are five important SIP Trunking benefits for Enterprise:

Support for hybrid environments. Large enterprises that are geographically dispersed can continue to support multiple different types of PBXs, while still delivering a common set of new capabilities across the entire company.

Scalability and flexibility. Enterprises can also leverage SIP trunking to dynamically add large amounts of capacity where and when required – a good example is call centers. The reverse is also true, where small businesses can dynamically adjust capacity in nearly real-time to go up and down as required.

Cost Savings vs ISDN. Large enterprises can take advantage of the ability to overlay SIP in their VPN network and reduce the cost of ISDN at each site.

Redundancy and Disaster Recovery. With a SIP Trunking service, it is very easy to redirect traffic from one location to another, offering greater reliability across the corporate network.

Mobile Support. With the unstoppable move to mobile, many businesses want to extend new capabilities to mobile devices via FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence), all possible with the use of SIP trunks.

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