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A Simple Solution to Meet Great Expectations: UC Enabled SIP Trunking

Written by waxingmedia on 08/22/2012

Organizational leaders today face great expectations. Business users want their communications to span individual devices and platforms, whether the device is mobile, business or personal. Users now e...

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Capitalize on the New Mobility

Written by waxingmedia on 06/16/2011

Mobile devices. Mobile storage. Mobile connectivity. Our culture today is consumed with the idea of mobility – and for good reasons. Relying upon the freedom of mobile communications has powered the p...

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Innovation is Calling

Written by waxingmedia on 03/09/2010

We called it right on LTE, back in November ‘09 – check out that post here…and this past month in Barcelona all the big players came on board. More than 40 mobile organizations announced their support...

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Voice over LTE: VoLGA is Dead!

Written by waxingmedia on 11/19/2009

With a 10X increase in transmission speeds and a significantly lower cost per bit, Long-term Evolution (LTE) represents a tremendous opportunity for operators given the prospect of converting more tha...

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