Bridging the Productivity Gap with BroadSoft Hub




Everything is going according to plan this morning. You made it to your gate and you have plenty of time to savour a double shot, extra foam, large cappuccino. And then your phone rings. Your boss is about to go into a meeting with a major prospect and she can’t find the revised proposal you sent two weeks ago. Is it in Google Drive or attached to an email?—but which folder? You can see the extra foam on your cappuccino quickly dissipate… 

According to IDC, knowledge workers spend 36% of their day searching and consolidating information, and 44% of the time, they don’t find what they need to get the job done. Multiply these two numbers and you get a productivity impact of 16%. There are 59 million knowledge workers in the U.S., assume an average salary of $50K per employee and the annual cost to the economy amounts to $472 billion!

With the growth of information output, team collaboration and cloud applications, this problem is getting bigger. Today, 61% of workers use more than four applications and 13% access more than 11 applications on a daily basis. IT professionals expect more cloud applications will be adopted by small and large companies in the coming years.  

In essence, unless we find a better way to access relevant information when we’re communicating, despite state-of-the-art applications that deliver remarkable point solutions, overall productivity will continue to suffer.

BroadSoft has done something about this. We created BroadSoft Hub—a cloud service available on BroadSoft Business applications that integrates with other cloud applications and provides contextual intelligence for more productive communications. Information relevant to a dialogue is available at the knowledge worker’s fingertips regardless of where it’s stored.

This seamless integration leverages the power of content found in cloud applications with your real-time communications. Forgot where you stored that proposal two weeks ago? No problemHub keeps track of it and displays it when you need it, putting an end to needless searching.

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Hub integrates with today’s most popular cloud applications including G Suite, O365 and Salesforce, and extends its capabilities across all BroadSoft Business applications, including UC-One, Team-One and CC-One (coming soon).

With Hub, businesses will not only experience significant improvement in workforce productivity, but also benefit from a stronger ROI in their cloud application investments, and simplified IT operation without the complexity and costs of one-off integrations.

Hub is now available to all BroadSoft service providers. To learn more about BroadSoft Hub and to see a demo, visit us at booth 1827 at Enterprise Connect.

Karim Sadroudine

Karim Sadroudine is director of Innovation Ecosystem at BroadSoft since 2012. Prior to joining BroadSoft, he was a Principal with PRTM Management Consultants, leading strategic and operational engagements for global high-technology companies.