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Multinational Corporation (MNC) Needs

MNCs need a secure, agile and connected solution to operate efficiently, all the while maintaining a truly localized presence in their market. As enterprises expand globally, they are often faced with the challenges of decentralized, varied voice solutions. This adds complexity and cost to their business and impedes the introduction of new innovations allowing them to stay agile in the market and address the demands of their workforce.

A recent McKinsey Global Institute 2016 report noted that cross-border bandwidth is projected to increase nine times over the next five years due to increasing flows of information, searches, communication, video, transactions, and intracompany traffic. To support this cross-border communication and foster continued company growth into new markets, enterprises require a solution that allows employees to collaborate easily and securely from one business identity from anywhere around the world, on any device.

Built for Multinationals

Over the last few years, we have been actively adding new capabilities to BroadCloud, our global managed service platform that delivers the BroadSoft Business application suite. We are now expanding the platform to better address the needs of carrier customers supporting multinational corporations.

The BroadCloud platform enables MNCs to mobilize their global workforce and ensures their information flows over a secure and resilient platform. The BroadCloud International capability extends the BroadCloud platform to address the needs of large multinational corporations, domestic customers expanding to neighboring countries, and customers who are consolidating disparate legacy solutions across markets. The platform supports enterprise dialing and collaboration within a single site, a single BroadCloud region, or across the globe, between multiple BroadCloud regions.

With the expansion of its reliable, scalable, and secure suite, available via the borderless BroadCloud cloud communications platform, BroadSoft allows multinational enterprises to rely on a single provider across their international locations to collaborate with peers and customers around the globe.

About the Author

Arvind Rangarajan is currently director of product marketing at BroadSoft. Prior to joining the marketing team at BroadSoft, he has held several senior product marketing, product management and technology positions at various communications and collaboration companies in the industry and brings with him more than 20 years of experience.