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CC-One contact center features enhanced

This week BroadSoft is pleased to announce the addition of Workforce Optimization, Speech-enabled IVR, and Voice of the Customer analytics to CC-One. These new features will help contact centers improve their operational insights and business performance. BroadSoft is adding these innovative cloud technologies as part of a continuing commitment to provide contact centers of all sizes a solution that provides dramatically better results than on-premise systems.

So what does this new release mean to you? These are the compelling new features:

Workforce Optimization
CC-One Workforce Optimization (WFO) gives you a smarter, simpler, integrated way to optimize the performance of your contact center.

Quality Management keeps you on top of customer satisfaction, because you can review and assess performance levels of individuals and teams by using tailored evaluation forms.

Workforce Management gives you the tools to forecast volume trends, develop agent schedules, track key performance, and ensure schedule adherence. Schedulers remain in control of schedules and staffing levels. There are advanced features such as gamification, intraday dynamic scheduling, and automated request approvals to motivate employees and boost performance.

Workforce Optimization Analytics uniquely integrates speech, desktop, and text analytics in a single unified system.

Speech and Text Analytics takes your phone and email conversations and turns them into meaningful data, which can be automatically reviewed, categorized, and analyzed for Voice of Customer analytics. The WFO analytics is smart enough to recognize uncommon words like names, places, and acronyms. It can even adapt to custom words and categories that are specific to your business.

Desktop Analytics gives you clear insight into agent activity and active applications on the agent’s computer desktop. Now you can model best practice behavior to drive continuous process improvement.

This Workforce Optimization suite is built with capabilities from Calabrio, a leader in cloud-based workforce optimization.

Speech-enabled IVR
BroadSoft is bringing big enterprise IVR capabilities to a wider audience. CC-One’s new enhanced IVR now has advanced speech recognition capabilities in multiple languages. This allows you to provide sophisticated self-service options, such as user verification via voice biometrics, and natural language integration. You can create IVR menus with an easy-to-use browser-based call flow editor.

Integration with popular Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) and payment gateways means you can provide your customer with self-service bill payments and order status updates. Multilingual text-to-speech means you can play back dynamic information to your customers in their preferred language.

These Speech IVR capabilities are built with capabilities from Inference, a leading provider of cloud-based easy-to-use IVR applications.

You can read the press release for more information on these new CC-One features.

BroadSoft CC-One is unique in that it provides a single integrated solution that gives you all the functionality you need from one solution provider. To find out how these new features can provide your business with a smarter, simpler way to optimize the performance of your contact center, contact your BroadSoft account manager today for a demo.

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