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In 2017, BroadSoft Team-One is participating in Connections for the second time. It feels like Team-One was introduced to BroadSoft customers just yesterday! We sure have come a long way in the past 12 months.

Last November, Team-One debuted as a pillar of the BroadSoft vision of the Future of Work. We are not alone in our vision. Over 135 service providers in 30 countries are trialing Team-One and its positive reception confirms that our global service provider channel sees the value to end customers and is onboard with our direction.

To realize this vision, we knew we needed to create a more refined experience of unified collaboration and communications. So in the past year we have worked hard to truly power the modern workforce: we have deepened the integration with BroadSoft UC solutions to improve video/audio capabilities and introduce more artificial intelligence into team collaboration, we have incorporated the concept of Open Collaboration into our philosophy and development and we have thoroughly refreshed Team-One’s UX, making it even easier to use while retaining all of the unique features our power users have come to love.

What Team-One is today, and what our users around the globe are enjoying, is a complete solution for collaborative efforts, including messaging, meetings, task management and file sharing, that lets you use 3rd party apps without leaving our app, eliminating the need for constant, time-wasting app-switching. With the integration of BroadSoft Hub, Team-One users enjoy the automatic surfacing of the content they have in common with their colleagues, which has been newly expanded across teams in Workspaces. And we implemented our latest enhancements and features in support of this integrated, intelligent way to work.

Deep Integration with BroadSoft Meet for Full HD Video/Audio Capabilities

We are very excited to announce our seamless integration with the newest member of the BroadSoft family: BroadSoft Meet. This integration includes full HD video and audio conferencing and screen sharing from any device. Anyone in the workspace can start a meeting at any time by simply clicking a button, meaning that participants don’t have to wait for a meeting owner to join before everyone else can begin collaborating. This experience creates a space for interactive multi-media collaboration sessions, which is exactly how we see the future of working together. Combining real-time collaboration with Team-One workspaces makes today's teams more efficient and effective regardless of where they are, when they are working, or what devices they use.

Open Collaboration for Uninterrupted Workflows

We all know teams don’t operate in a vacuum. Think for a second. When was the last time you worked on something that didn’t involve customers, vendors, or other collaborators outside your company? We believe that you should have a single place to work on projects, from start to finish, and that your team members, internal and external alike, should have access to your workspaces and collaboration tools easily and without having to jump over hurdles.

Team-One’s smart guest access experience was designed just so. By simply entering an email address, any Workspace member can invite a guest to the Workspace. IT managers can rest easy too. Team-One’s guest experience is secure: a guest can see only those workspaces and people that they are specifically invited to work with. And for workspace content that is accessed by linking to a 3rd party storage site (such as DropBox or Google Drive), the security settings of that site prevail, resulting in all the collaboration a team needs without risking your security profile.

UI Enhancements for a Simpler, More Intuitive Experience

Shortly after last year’s Connections, we began to introduce changes to the web app. We modernized and streamlined our look with more intuitive feature placement, such as the consolidated Profile and Settings menu, the new calling dial pad and the new icons that display links to Notes, Tasks and Files, to name a few. Our favorite change is the addition of comments as chats for each piece of content. Our power users told us that they wanted to be able to have sideline chat threads for their content, and we did just that.

Finally, we cannot forget that sometimes we can all use a good laugh at work, so we now have animated GIF support as well as improved emoji capabilities. We have been thoroughly enjoying these UI changes and believe that you will too!

Now more than ever, Team-One can be your single app for communications, collaboration and personal productivity. And these enhancements are part of a much bigger picture. We at BroadSoft, have a vision for unifying the collaboration and communications experiences for the workforce and we are on our way!

Looking at 2018

The work doesn’t stop here. Next year, we’re looking to make major updates around Team-One’s web conferencing, collaboration features and enterprise integrations. In addition, users will be able to place calls; utilize advanced control features such as transfer, forward and merge; access call history and voicemail; see UC presence; and browse their calling directory -- all without having to leave the Team-One web, mobile and desktop apps. We are very excited to continue to leverage BroadSoft leadership in UC and we will continue to focus on our users’ experience and expectations for excellence. Stay tuned for more updates!

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