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Picture this: you’re on the go, either in the car, on a train, or at an airport, and there’s a conference call that you just can’t afford to miss. So, you spend a few minutes fumbling in your bag for the correct dial in number and conference code. If you’ve only got your mobile, then you need to find a piece of paper and a pen and write those numbers down. And all of this is before you even dial in. No wonder 37% of meetings start late!

It’s a familiar story, and one we’re very much used to hearing at BroadSoft. In order to combat these problems we hear about time and time again - and let’s face it, experience ourselves - we are launching two new mobile-first apps to improve the user experience of workers on the move. Both were unveiled this week at BroadSoft Connections 2016, where the theme was ‘Let’s Change the Game’.

We want people to be just as productive when they’re on their mobile as at their desk. The reality is, most of us spend a large proportion of our day out of the office. In fact, the latest figures suggest 50% of workers now use their mobile as their primary device.

When so much of our working day involves being away from our desk, teams need quick and mobile communications to keep productive and connected.

Optimised for the mobile experience, UC-One Connect allows you to bring your office wherever you go, enabling you to chat, check presence and call using your business identity from your personal Apple or Android mobile devices.

UC-One Meet saves time and inconvenience by letting you join and host conference calls with one-touch from your mobile phone, using your business identity. 

Our primary aim in developing these brand new apps is to address two key communications problems faced when people are on the go. Because ultimately, we want to make work - simple!


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