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Communication usage data and it’s analysis are increasingly critical to both Service Providers and enterprise end-users. This is especially true with today’s Unified Communications (UC) services, which integrate voice communicationswith video, instant messaging, conferencing and other collaboration tools.

At Connections 2016, our recent annual customer conference, BroadSoft announced the introduction of the BroadWorks Dashboards and Discovery toolkit. The toolkit enables real-time collection, storage and analysis of a variety BroadWorks system and UC-One data. This includes Call Detail Records (CDR), usage of UC-One My Room functions such as instant messaging, conferencing and sharing, and other performance and provisioning data.

The toolkit includes the following components:

    • Data collectors: The collectors extract data from a variety of sources and consolidate storage within the widely used Elasticsearch database and analytics engine.  
    • Dashboards: The dashboards include over 30 pre-built visualizations that provide insight into usage and trends. They are based on the versatile Kibana visualization platform and  can be modified or re-used  to fit the needs of specific service providers or end users.
    • Utilities: These include debugging tools such as SIP and Xsi analyzers


Together this tool set provides great flexibility to address a variety of applications. Performance monitoring and customer care  are of course primary applications, but there are also many rapidly emerging use cases for Sales and Marketing. Product usage patterns can be used to help upsell, predict churn, design offers and even assist with lead generation and marketing campaigns.

Finally,  we expect these tools to be adopted by our BroadSoft Analytics Partner community to further enhance their service provider and end user product offers.

The Dashboards and Discovery toolkit is provided free of charge as an open source project on GitHub.

Try it out at:


And be sure to share your contributions and suggestions with the developer community!

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