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With the rise of outsourcing and freelancing in today’s workplace, it’s hard to find a team that doesn’t include external contractors, agencies, outsourcers, or other third parties. In fact, most companies wouldn’t be able to achieve their goals without them.

Working with external experts provides companies access to a broader set of skills and on-time project deliveries while lowering overall costs. These individuals often become an extension of one’s internal organization, providing significant contributions to projects, plans and strategies.

join guest workspace access collaborationFor these relationships to be effective, it is essential that you foster an open, secure, cross-company collaborative environment so that communications don’t become a bottleneck to decision making.

The good news is that smart guest access in the spirit of secure, open collaboration is a central element of the BroadSoft Business application suite!

For example, in Team-One, any workspace member can invite an external guest into the workspace by simply entering their email. This means that customers and vendors can easily join group chats, live meetings, share files and track tasks, all together in the same collaboration app. Customer IT managers can rest easy knowing guest access is restricted to just those workspaces and people their invitations allow. Anything shared in the workspace that links to third party storage solutions, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. retain all the security parameters of the storage solution. And guests are free!

BroadSoft Meet video callLikewise, in UC-One, guests can easily be invited to participate in UC-One meetings. External guests have full access to the secure My Room meeting space they’ve been invited to, enabling them to join others on the team for scheduled or impromptu multi-media collaboration sessions which include HD voice, video, screen sharing and group chat.

BroadSoft is committed to building an open and secure work environment that makes collaborating with guests a natural and seamless part of everyday business.

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