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Connections survey unified communications

BroadSoft announced the results of its third annual Connections Survey, showing that as trends like connected business services, remote international work and mobility continue to gain traction, respondents believed that cloud UC is accelerating market-wide driven by the perfect storm of business collaboration demands.

Connections is a premier industry event for cloud communication service providers – with more than 1,300 service provider and partner participants from over 30 countries. BroadSoft surveyed over 181 Connections attendees representing 119 service provider and partner organizations worldwide on their observations and predictions on how cloud UC is impacting all businesses.

The results show 6 interesting predictions:

Cloud UC is gaining momentum

Almost all (96%) of ISP’s surveyed agree cloud UC demand is growing rapidly in mid and large enterprises.

96% Agree cloud UC demand is growing rapidly in mid and large enterprises

cloud uc demand is growing in mid and large enterprises

There is a growing interest in an integrated UCaaS, CCaaS and team collaboration offer

Respondents (94%) not only voiced their enthusiasm for investing in unified communications tools, but expressed that integrated enterprise communications offerings by providers can be critical drivers of revenue, market share and competitive differentiation.

This is a notable increase from the 2016 survey, where about half (51%) of businesses decision makers said they expected to adopt UC solutions by 2020.

The market demands team collaboration as it becomes a primary enterprise user interface

81% agreed that team collaboration is becoming the default interface for workflow management in many enterprises.

81% believe team collaboration will become a primary interface for all business communication

team collaboration primary interface for business communication

CCaaS is expanding into the SMB market, creating a unique opportunity for service providers.

Almost all participants (97%) believe that CCaaS simplicity and low investment will expand the overall contact center market through broader adoption by small businesses.

CCaaS adoption is accelerating, and was predicted to reach 47% of seat shipments by 2021, up from the 43% estimate last year. CCaaS presents an enormous opportunity for service providers to add a high value component to their UCaaS offer.

Innovation in UCaaS intelligence, integration and openness is mandated by accelerating enterprise digital transformation

As well as integration, the next phase in business communications is all about obtaining information using deep learning, machine learning and cognitive computing. A large number of participants voted next generation trends as important.

As companies are innovating and adopting technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) into their own solutions, they will come to expect similar offerings from UCaaS offerings.

Importance of next generation trends

importance of next generation trends in ucaas ccaas team collaboration


Competition is intensifying with risk of disruption from SaaS players with global scale and channel reach

Service providers recognize the growing threat from global SaaS players (85%) leveraging their extensive enterprise footprint to enter the UCaaS space. Premise equipment vendors (31%), and even OTT competitors (60%), have become a secondary concern.

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