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At BroadSoft Connections 2017 - rethink innovation - we announced BroadSoft CC-One 10. A major release that significantly enhances our commitment to improve the agent productivity and overall business performance of our contact center customers. We are very excited about this new release, because it brings us another leap forward so that our contact center customers can serve their customers intelligently “in-context” and process credit card transactions securely. Both of which will increase first call resolutions, customer satisfaction, and overall financial performance.

And of course we would never leave out enhancements for our very important service provider partners, so read on to see what we have in store for you.

Improved Agent Productivity and Collaboration for our Contact Center Customers

Our unified omni-channel cloud contact center solution has a new improved agent desktop that brings even more functionality into one unified UI and adds CRM integrations and omni-channel outbound campaign management. The unified UI now incorporates:

  • UC-One embedded – The BroadSoft unified communications app is now inside the agent app. This means when an agent gets a tough question or needs to escalate a customer issue, they can see immediately who throughout the enterprise is available to help the agent serve the customer, and through which media – email, chat, office phone, or mobile phone. This will save agents time trying to search for the answer on their own and calling people who are not available or forwarding the caller to someone who is not available. In fact, the agent may be able to get the answer they need via chat without ever putting the customer on hold.
  • Process guides – With the agent app, agents have access to recommended best-practice processes for customers of that type.
  • Enhanced omni-channel communications – The agent app now has a UI consistent with other BroadSoft Business apps, so that agents that take voice, email and chat interactions, can do them all within the same UI as their unified communications.
  • Cross-channel customer interaction histories – When an agent is handling an interaction with a customer, they will be able to see all the interactions that customer has had with any agent through any channel. This will enable agents to handle all customer issues “in-context" of past interactions.
  • New CRM integrations – In addition to our market-leading Salesforce integration, we now offer out-of the box integrations with MS Dynamics CRM and Zendesk. This will give agents instant access to all customer data in those systems. The data in these CRMs can be used to drive predictive analytics routing that predicts customer need and matches them with the best agent to meet their need.
  • Omni-channel outbound campaign management – BroadSoft CC-One now offers automatic outbound calling so agents can spend more time communicating with customers instead of trying to reach them. CC-One Outbound Campaigns offer businesses a highly configurable and extensive campaign and list management feature set that allows them to segment and contact valued customers and prospects while staying compliant with industry regulations.

Secure Credit Card Transactions for Sales Contact Centers

Many of our contact center customers take credit card transactions, so BroadSoft CC-One 10 includes:

  • PC-1 level compliance – CC-One has achieved the highest level of PC1 compliance for securely processing credit card transactions.

Easier Deployment and Broader Market Reach for Our Service Providers

Broadsoft is always committed to making our service provider partners more efficient and productive, so for these very important BroadSoft customers, CC-One 10 now features:

  • Service Provider Portal - Our service provider partners now have the ability to provision CC-One tenants via their very own CC-One Service Provider Portal. The Service Provider Portal allows our partners to create and manage CC-One tenants for their customers and child portals for their resellers. Real-time dashboards allow partners to track the platform performance across all their customer and reseller tenants. This will make new customer deployments faster and make our service providers more productive and efficient.
  • Global reach - This week, BroadSoft expanded its international footprint of the entire BroadSoft Business portfolio into more than 30 countries. This gives multinational enterprise customers access to secure, multi-language collaboration capabilities between global offices via a single, borderless platform, encrypting data in motion and at rest. CC-One is now available in seven countries, five data centers, and six languages.
  • Essential Agent license for SMB - The CC-One Business Edition Essential Agent helps Service Providers address the low-end of the contact center market and provide an easy migration path to the Standard or Premium Agent as businesses grow. The Essential Agent is hosted on the same CC-One native cloud platform that powers the Business Edition Standard and Premium Agents.

We have an exciting product roadmap planned for 2018, so stay tuned for more exciting information.

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