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Customer engagement analytics in the contact center blog series

To help you understand Customer Engagement Analytics for the contact center, the Cisco Customer Journey Platform team has created a six-part blog series explaining Customer Engagement Analytics - what it is, why you need it, who can use it and when, plus a bonus - combining Workforce Analytics with Customer Engagement Analytics.

Part One: What Is Customer Engagement Analytics?

Our first blog on Customer Engagement Analytics explains how Customer Engagement Analytics consists of four parts - what the customer does, what our systems do, what our agents do, and the business outcome. We walk through one customer engagement from beginning to end to illustrate how to use Customer Engagement Analytics to understand more about your customers.

Part Two: Why Customer Engagement Analytics?

In our second blog, we ask why Customer Engagement Analytics? And how can it benefit your call center? We discuss how it allows you to react as customer preferences change, how Customer Engagement Analytics helps you keep your customers loyal, and how you can give customers control over their experience. We also explore how Customer Engagement Analytics helps you optimize your systems and improve agent performance.

Part Three: When Customer Engagement Analytics Is Needed?

When is Customer Engagement Analytics needed in the contact center? The third blog goes into the eight main circumstances when Customer Engagement Analytics can help you solve issues in your contact center, such as low customer satisfaction, low first call resolution, missing sales goals and more.

Part Four: Who Needs Customer Engagement Analytics?

Many types of contact centers need Customer Engagement Analytics, including sales contact centers, customer service contact centers, customer retention teams, and others. The fourth blog explores how Customer Engagement Analytics can benefit each type of contact center in depth.

Part Five: How You Perform Customer Engagement Analytics

Since the first four blogs explain the what, why, when, and who of Customer Engagement Analytics, the fifth blog dives into how you actually do Customer Engagement Analytics. We explore how you can perform Customer Engagement Analytics with agent and customer behaviors, agent and customer demographics, and the methods and tools you can use to do this.

Bonus: Using Workforce Analytics in Customer Engagement Analytics

In this bonus to the series, we discuss how you can combine Workforce Analytics – desktop, voice, and text analytics – with Customer Engagement Analytics to get even more insight into your customers, agents, systems and opportunities to improve your contact center performance.

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About the Author

Rich is a member of the Customer Journey Platform marketing team. He has built a 25-year career in Silicon Valley bringing new B2B cloud and on-premise software technologies to market including contact center systems, Big Data analytics, Business Intelligence, interactive development environments and web application servers. He has held sales, product management, product marketing, solutions marketing, partner marketing, GM, VP and CMO positions.