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A Guest Blog from Captivate Connect

When a service provider (SP) is asked to name the best business telephone service, it will always promote the one it represents with pride. With so much competition, the SP must go through an exhaustive research process to ensure its telecommunications service meets all of a company’s needs.

BroadSoft, now part of Cisco, has several platform offerings to choose from. The SP can choose which platform is the most suitable and the business customer’s buying group will assess which meets its needs. This is common knowledge in the industry, however now that we live in the Age of the Customer with a growing importance in AI, chatbots and tech, why should businesses invest in voice?

Gartner research predicts that the number of voice calls to businesses will not decline. In fact, their importance will increase over time which means voice calls are here to stay. If the predictions are correct, then what does this mean in the commercial world?

When it comes to most organisations, Customer Experience (CX) investment is solely focused on the following areas:

  • The bricks and mortar (shop or reception) entry where we invest heavily to make the CX a positive one.
  • The digital entry point – via the web, social media etc. Businesses invest trillions of dollars annually on websites, e-commerce pages, payment modules, SEO, security and what else! All to make the best CX.

However, what most organisations don’t consider is the third entry point – the phone. What are businesses doing to provide the consumer with a positive and enjoyable CX over the phone? Captivate Connect analysed over 4 million calls in 2018 across all major industries and government organisations. The longest call wait times were in government departments of over four hours, while the standard call wait times average 36 minutes at some bigger department contact centres and offices.

Dial your own office and that of your customers and listen to the on hold music your listeners are subjected to while they wait. How does that make you feel? It is no wonder churn rate is growing and call abandonment is on the rise.

What we have learned is the importance of offering choice to your customer while they wait. There are many ways that businesses can keep the customer engaged. Even by something as simple as texting a fact sheet on a product the customer is calling about, offering a call back option, or answering a few simple questions for the chance to win an iPad.

People Architecture.

The importance of these tools cannot be underestimated for the consumer or the business. Reports can be generated on call wait times so the business can analyse its needs and data can be gathered on who enquired about what product with a list of names and contact numbers to follow up on; effectively you can generate a very customised customer database and powerful marketing tool within an extremely short period of time.

These are just a few of the incentives that can be gained by thinking outside the box. By understanding what the best solution for your customer is and how the business can gain a competitive advantage, you are already one step ahead.

BroadWorks is currently the only platform which provides the ultimate CX. Captivate Connect is a solution partner of BroadSoft and provides these services at very attractive rates. To make the enhancement simple, SPs can sign up with Captivate Connect and the customers can have the entry level free for two years.

About the Author

Mark Horwood is the founder and CEO of Captivate Connect, a telephony enhancement company that works with call centres, SME, corporate and government enterprises to improve caller engagement and experience. 

Captivate Connect provides businesses with the most entertaining, informative and interesting interactive audio and video on hold services. 

Mark, together with his team, developed the first of its kind Captivate Jukebox which allows callers on hold to select their own choice of music genre while they wait.