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Customer Journey Analytics Contact Center

Your contact center systems provide you with a lot of data. There’s a lot of value in that data, if you just know how to reach it. Doing Customer Journey Analytics with your contact center data,  data you already have, can help you understand your customers and how they engage with your business. These are the acres of diamonds that you can mine from the data right in your backyard.

To help you understand Customer Journey Analytics with contact center data, the Cisco Customer Journey Platform team has created a three-part blog series to explain Customer Journey Analytics in the context of the contact center data you already have.

Part One: Customer Journey Analytics for the Contact Center

The first of this blog series explains the five levels of the customer journey: events, transactions, interactions, engagements, and the overall customer journey. At each stage of the customer journey, you have the opportunity to learn something that can improve, sometimes drastically improve, your business. Read more.

Part Two: Customer Journey Analytics - Importance to the Contact Center

The second of this blog series explains what is meant by Customer Journey Analytics as it relates to the call center. We discuss how customers interact with multiple touch points and how beneficial it is to look at your business from the outside in. Customer Analytics in the call center can help the call center become a strategic asset to the entire business. Read more.

Part Three: How To Do Customer Journey Analytics with Contact Center Data

The third of this blog series explains how you can do Customer Journey Analytics with the call center data you already have. We discuss how to integrate your call center data, combine events, and look for trends. It turns out that while doing Customer Journey Analytics with call center data may sound complicated, it doesn’t have to be. Read more.

We hope you find this series useful. The next Cisco Customer Journey Platform blog series will be a deep dive into Customer Engagement Analytics.

About the Author

Rich is a member of the Customer Journey Platform marketing team. He has built a 25-year career in Silicon Valley bringing new B2B cloud and on-premise software technologies to market including contact center systems, Big Data analytics, Business Intelligence, interactive development environments and web application servers. He has held sales, product management, product marketing, solutions marketing, partner marketing, GM, VP and CMO positions.