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cut the cord mobile first

For most people, working 9 to 5 hasn’t been the reality for many years. The vast majority of workers no longer commute daily to a corporate office or share a communal space with colleagues on a regular basis. Instead, they’re routinely working from multiple sites—whether a conference room, home office, hotel room, customer office or other remote location—not only pushing the boundaries of where, when and how they work, but also forcing businesses to get serious about mobile communications.

To be successful in this mobile virtual environment, employees need 24/7 access to their office, including business data and applications, advanced communication tools, collaboration spaces, and their colleagues and customers—on any device and from any network. These statistics help explain why:

  • 50% use their mobile device as their primary device for work
  • Over 80% use text messaging for business
  • 86% of calls to businesses are put on hold
  • Workers report typically being away from their desks 50-60% of the time

"Cutting the Cord"

Imagine a mobile workplace where you can access all your services from any device. You can take your office number with you anywhere. Your teams can access what they need from any location. Once your business goes mobile, you can start to think global. You can connect all your people and devices no matter where they are in the world, and you can scale up or down as needed.

A Mobile-First Perspective

Businesses need communications tools that are built from a mobile-first perspective, including simple mobile calling, mobile data access, unified communications and collaboration. If you want to get the most from your team, adopt cloud-based apps that deliver the same capabilities whether workers are on the go or at their desk. When you do, staying in touch becomes easy. Those working remotely can initiate and receive calls, launch voice or video conferences and share documents just as if they were in the office. They also become reachable on a single number—with calls made to their business number following them wherever they go.

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About the Author

Samia Magbie has worked as a senior manager of marketing and communications at BroadSoft since 2013.