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It’s no secret that IT executives are continually required to do more with less – no matter their level of market-maturity or financial stability. In fact, according to Spiceworks’ 2017 State of IT Survey, more than 900 IT pros think annual company revenue and IT budgets will remain flat this year. This is in spite of expected growth in revenue (60%).

Insights from the Spring 2017 MidSize Enterprise Summit

Discussions held at the recent MidSize Enterprise Summit validate these findings. Attended by more than 200 top IT decision-makers from leading Mid-Market businesses across the U.S., the event addressed four key priorities that drive most all Mid-Market cloud communication purchases:

1. Improve Business Efficiencies

2. Consolidate Systems

3. Simplify Management

4. Cut Costs & Grow Revenue

1. Improve Business Efficiencies: The responsibility of ensuring employee productivity no longer rests solely on the shoulders of people managers and HR. Now, businesses are looking to IT to empower their workforce with technologies that allow them to not only work smarter and faster, but also connect and collaborate with others from any location or device. With ongoing shifts in staffing and new business demands, IT pros need the power to quickly upgrade phone and mobility features on the fly, add or remove users with ease, and seamlessly integrate CRM/applications to automate business processes and streamline workflows.

2. Consolidate Systems: In the Mid-Market particularly, it’s not uncommon for IT execs to manage more than 10+ locations – all on separate systems, with multiple vendors and bills piled up like a Jenga puzzle. When asked, some of the attendees at the event weren’t even sure what they were paying, let alone who they were paying, or who to blame if something went wrong. With a mix of disparate legacy PBX systems, conferencing licenses, and collaboration accounts, contact centers employees are often times left confused and siloed. At the same time, IT execs have to respond to urgent feature requests instead of proactively managing and optimizing their communication systems for business needs.

3. Simplify Management: IT departments of Mid-Size businesses have historically worn, and continue to wear, multiple hats. But now cloud communications can allow them to be more strategic and responsive to cross-departmental business needs. IT pros no longer have to spend their time on MACDs, PBX hardware maintenance, and manual upgrades across multiple phone systems and locations. IT pros now can self-empower their staff to manage their own phone preferences, and also manage all their phones and locations from one web-based portal – accessible from anywhere. With intuitive GUI interfaces that make communication management easy for everyone, special skillsets and training are no longer a requirement.

“Cloud communication delivers functionality that’s robust enough for the systems engineer - but simple enough for a business manager to navigate,” said BroadSoft AVP, John Proctor to a Director of IT attendee at the event.

4. Cut Costs & Grow Revenue: As new technologies and business processes emerge, IT support and function-specific systems are a growing requirement across departments. It’s not uncommon for purchase decisions to stretch outside of the IT buying center to include several cross-functional stakeholders and budgets.

Formerly seen as a business “cost-center,” IT departments now serve a critical role as both a “cost-saver” and “revenue-driver” throughout all areas of the business. They have to do more with less, justify current spending, and supply business cases for future investments. This all has to be done while driving more growth for the company. How? Many attendees at the Summit identified cloud communications as a critical solution to help them optimize TCO, empower employee productivity with mobility, cut travel and facility costs, and improve customer service and sales with omni-channel engagement and advanced analytics.

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We understand the challenges of the Mid-Market enterprise business – and we’re dedicated to making it easy and affordable for you to deliver the latest communication features to reach your full business potential.

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Heather Hancock is Sr. Marketing Manager for the BroadSoft Business Mid-Market and Large Enterprise cloud communication portfolio. She works closely with sales, product and market development to understand market trends, translate the "voice of the customer," and deliver market-leading solutions to meet their business needs. Prior to joining BroadSoft, Heather was marketing manager for Vonage where she served in various leadership roles to lead B2B market growth and expansion in the midmarket and enterprise. Prior to Vonage, Heather served on the marketing management team at iCore Networks, where she played an integral role in the company's acquisition by Vonage for $92M.