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Dubber is proud to be chosen by BroadCloud as their exclusive call recording partner and to be sponsoring Connections once again this year. As a global platform-as-a-service, providing cloud-based call recording and Voice AI technology through our product Zoe, using Dubber does not require any on-premises equipment or upfront cost. Our platform brings call recording to any phone, anytime, anywhere.

As a BroadCloud partner, BroadCloud service providers can sell call recording and On Demand services to their customers immediately. Getting connected to Dubber on BroadWorks and Cisco HCS is fast and easy, providing one unified platform across your product portfolio.

The future of communication capture and speech intelligence

Dubber’s Zoe provides deep insight into the content of calls, including sentiment, phrases, and keywords spoken during a conversation.

By automatically identifying a speaker's tone, stress levels/emotions and speed of speech, sentiment can be established, which can then be sent in a report to a nominated person such as a team leader or sales manager, who can then contact the customer if necessary.

Dubber’s Business Assurance product can save businesses time and money by identifying and alerting the relevant person to a negative interaction and providing the opportunity to intervene and potentially reduce churn.

Business Assurance packages call transcription, sentiment and emotion into one product for service providers to on-sell to their customers.

Say goodbye to legacy systems and their challenges, like locating files, storage, rooms full of servers, CapEx costs, and say hello to rich data derived directly from calls and secure, easy to implement, infinitely scalable cloud-based call recording with Dubber.

Join us at 5pm on Tuesday in the Atlantic 1 Meeting Room for our breakout session at Connections where we’ll be discussing the benefits of our products, including Zoe, in more detail.

If you're not able to join us in Miami, register to watch the General Session live streams on November 13 and 14.

About the Author

James Slaney is co-founder of Dubber.