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Today’s B2B buyer is educated, social and doesn’t require face to face contact with a salesperson in order to learn about their service. According to B2B eCommerce, 89% B2B researchers use the internet and 75% are influenced by social. A digital presence and educational content is vital for capturing attention of today’s B2B buyer.

Recognising these digital trends, BroadSoft launched a channel partner program called Powered by BroadSoft at the 2016 BroadSoft Connections conference. The program helps channel partners sell, onboard and adopt BroadSoft Business - a suite of cloud communications, collaboration and contact center services by providing a complete range of consultancy, digital content and marketing technology tools.

I currently work with Gamma, a service provider in the UK, who is a strategic channel partner. They are very successful selling a BroadSoft based hosted PBX service called Gamma Horizon to the UK market. As well as selling directly to the mid-market, they have an extensive network in excess of 1,000 channel partners selling predominantly to the SMB market. Gamma recognises the increasing shift to digital and employs a dedicated digital marketing manager within their overall marketing team to help their channel partners engage with prospects across digital channels.

Gamma was quick to embrace the Powered by BroadSoft program. Gamma’s marketing team, made up of digital, channel and direct marketing managers, loved the fact the BroadSoft program included customisable campaign toolkits with content designed to meet B2B buyer’s needs at every step of their buyer’s journey. Blog posts and infographics build awareness to grab B2B buyers’ attention. Next, use of more in-depth and educational content, such as e-books, allows Gamma can use to fuel their channel marketing machine.

There’s a variety of different customer challenge-themed campaigns in the Powered by BroadSoft program ready for Powered by BroadSoft channel partners such as Gamma to use. At the heart of the Powered by BroadSoft program is the resources to help each BroadSoft channel partner retain their distinctive identity and help them stand out from the crowd. As a marketing consultant, I helped Gamma customise the campaign content to reflect their strong brand identity and unique value proposition.

Gamma has been delighted with the Powered by BroadSoft program so far and I look forward to supporting them grow their business and stand out from the crowd during 2018.

Hear more about Gamma’s use of the Powered by BroadSoft program from Justin Coombes, Gamma’s Head of Marketing:

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