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Powered by Broadsoft channel partners

When we first launched the Powered by BroadSoft program to our channel partners, it was centered around the selling phase of the customer journey. Since then, the program has evolved to focus on two other very important stages of the customer journey: onboarding and adoption (which we’ll cover in parts 2 and 3 of this blog series, respectively).

Why did we choose to evolve the program? When the market evolves, we do, too. The new playing field is in the cloud, but even more so, the new customer buying journey is largely digital. And spoiler alert: that journey doesn’t end with a sale, but more on that later. The market is there - but you can’t expect to take it (let alone be a leader in it) with outdated engagement methods and legacy systems.

When it comes to the new digital customer buying journey, sales is not the only focus but still deserves its proper attention. After all, each channel partner we engage with wants to know how working with our digital teams at BroadSoft can help them drive more sales and revenue.

View my speech at the BroadSoft Connections conference in October where I specifically discuss the types of tools and services we provide to our channel partners that help them sell more:

How We Help Maximize Sales

Driving Online Engagement & Leads

Our channel partners choose from a catalog of campaigns (with themes such as mobility, security, UC adoption, etc.) created by our in-house digital team to help drive interest in cloud communication services. These campaigns consist of assets such as:

  • Microsites
  • E-guides
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Email drip copy
  • Social media content
  • And more

We customize each campaign not only based on our channel partner’s branding and messaging, but also on the specific vertical, segment, and persona they’re targeting.

Once a campaign is selected, we either run the campaign or run the campaign in conjunction with a channel partner. Whatever leads are generated are delivered directly to the channel partner.

Customizable Microsites

As part of Powered by BroadSoft we give each channel partner a customized microsite that walks them through every digital asset available to them.

The microsite - designed by professional, in-house designers and optimized for conversions by our digital experts - can be used to generate leads via asset downloads or trial sign-ups to help nurture leads into new customers.

Ongoing Support & Consulting

Probably the most valuable part of the Powered by BroadSoft program is not the sales and marketing tools we provide, but the ongoing support and consulting of our digital team that each channel partner receives.

Our team has expertise across every size business and core verticals such as retail, financial services, education, hospitality, government, and more. Channel partners receive the support of a dedicated program director, campaign manager, digital designer, content manager, and webmaster.

Sell More with Powered by BroadSoft

Ready to learn more or sign up today? Visit PoweredbyBroadSoft.com to download our Channel Program Playbook to learn more or sign up for the program.

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About the Author

As Digital Engagement Leader, D.P. Venkatesh enables our customers to embark on their digital transformation journey. DP and his team focus on helping customers rethink their end-to-end customer journey from a digital-first perspective. In leading the BroadSoft Digital Engagement team, he works with our partners to help them sell, onboard and grow their customers.