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digital transformation in UCaaS migration projects

By definition, digital transformation has an intrinsic effect on how employees communicate and collaborate. Companies that are in the midst of digital transformations are rethinking where their employees are, how employees increase and share knowledge, how customers are serviced and how business objectives and growth is achieved.

84% of Organizations are Interested in Digital Transformation

The vast majority of businesses are interested in some level of digital transformation and addressing the communication and collaboration aspects of these initiatives creates an opportunity pull through a UCaaS migration as part of the digital transformation strategy. By aligning with a key strategic initiative, UCaaS migration will have executive sponsorship which is key for successful unified communication adoption.

Be the Shiny new Penny

If you’re attaching to a digital transformation initiative, you need to be selling more than an upgraded phone system. UCaaS needs to be positioned as an enabler of the key initiatives within a transformation framework. This means focus on collaboration, information sharing, contextual intelligence, virtual meetings and mobility. These are the key use cases and differentiators that will resonate with digital transformation stakeholders.

For more information about how BroadSoft enables UCaaS providers to meet the challenges of digital transformation, please read this White Paper from digital transformation expert Zeus Kerravala.

Download BroadSoft Enables UCaaS Providers  to Meet the Challenges of Digital Transformation  Whitepaper by Zeus Kerravala


About the Author

David Rosenthal is a UC Evangelist at BroadSoft, with 20 years of experience in business VoIP. As part of the early BroadSoft team he wore many hats, with leadership roles in Sales and Professional Services. In the interim, he was a partner at Leonid Systems, which was acquired by BroadSoft in 2015. Back at BroadSoft, his focus is helping drive Unified Communications adoption worldwide.