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BroadSoft Connections is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated annual events within the telecommunications industry, and this year is set to be the biggest yet! Read some tips and tricks on how best to manage this huge event from Dubber, an experienced Connections sponsor.


Over the years we at Dubber have visited and sponsored nearly 10 BroadSoft events all around the world - from Mexico to Japan. Now, we’re not saying we’re experts, but we have spent a lot of time at Connections - and we’ve picked up some handy tips along the way.

The main thing we’ve noticed is that a small amount of preparation can go a long way to your success at the event. To help you make the most out of your time at Connections 2016 in San Antonio this November, here’s what we’ve learned:

Gear Up!

Get your networking shoes on. With hundreds of service providers and technology experts all attending, it’s the perfect opportunity to network.

Arrive Early!

The conference officially starts on Monday 14th, however registration starts from Saturday 12th. The head start gives you extra time to recover from the journey and start meeting new contacts. After all, the early bird catches the worm.

Download the Connections app!

Use it to find the attendees you’d like to meet, and reach out to them personally on LinkedIn. The more meetings you set up before attending, the more productive your time at Connections will be.

And don't forget to pack an external battery charger for your phone. The days at Connections can be long, and it is not an ideal time to be minus a working phone.

Show Time!

Keep an out for the official agenda. There’s a lot of great talks and break out sessions available. Plan your time accordingly to make the most of your time at Connections. Don’t be afraid to sign up for extra activities on the Sunday - it will be a great way to meet important contacts and experience what San Antonio has to offer.

Use a business card scanning app on your phone like CamCard. This will allow you to scan business cards into your phone, and save you huge amounts of admin after the event.

Coordinate with your BroadSoft account manager or key contact. This will help you get introductions into the companies you wish to meet.

Get to learn about BroadSoft’s innovative roadmap. Meet up with BroadSoft’s product team to get some first hand information on what will soon be available on the market.

Split the showcase between two sessions. There are a large number of exhibitors in the showcase area that are worth visiting, and one session may not be enough.

After Hours!

Don’t neglect the activities after the main conferences end. These activities will be your chance to spend more time with your new contacts, and get to know them better.

Make the most of your down time. Stay rested and you will be able to fully take advantage of all the fun dinners and after parties, which are more excellent opportunities to network and get to know your new contacts in fun environments. But don’t overdo it, or you’ll regret it in the morning!

Follow Up!

Remember to send each important or useful contact you make a LinkedIn invite and friendly email. Getting in touch relatively soon after the event keeps you on their radar.

 With a little preparation, you can maximise your productivity and really get the most out of your time at Connections. At such a large conference the opportunities are constant, and preparation can help you to make sure they aren’t wasted! We hope our tips help, and we can’t wait to meet everyone at Connections this year!



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About the Author

James Slaney is co-founder of Dubber.