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A Guest Blog from Captivate Connect

Gartner research shows that even the most effective contact sales centres have callers waiting for an average of 36 seconds. At Captivate Connect we analysed nearly 4 million calls placed on hold in three continents across different industries and the average wait time was 45 seconds for medium-sized businesses. Calls to sales lines waited less, while calls to service, support or admin extensions waited longer.

Of the three main channels of communications with customers, less than one percent of customer experience budgets are spent on the telephony channel despite the fact that 33% of business is done on the phone.

Ask any caller who has waited even the 36 seconds and they will tell you it felt like an eternity.

Most businesses are unaware that there is a solution to call waiting blues that will make a significant improvement to the way in which customer experience is handled and boost the NPS and customer experience scores of the business.

These quick and easy solutions are available on BroadWorks.

Call abandonment is on the rise as customers get fed up of waiting on hold and business phone centre staff come under increasing pressure as call volumes increase. By connecting a call-back solution, customers can choose to receive a call when an agent is free, which reduces abandonment rates and gives customers back what they value most – their time.

With over 50% of calls now made on mobile devices, Captivate Connect provides voice activated IVRs which do not require the user to remove the device from their ear, significantly reducing call abandonment.

Available on BroadWorks, voice activated IVRs is a simple easy to use system which is available in any language and a variety of accents. Humanising tech is extremely important as it makes the experience relatable to the customer. Voice activated auto-attendants and IVRs also add a human element to tech, improving efficiency and customer experience.

Empowered customers are shaping business strategy and customer experience. Today’s consumers want to be educated, informed and entertained.

Offering options to customers while they wait by enabling them to choose their own music, or play a game, gives control back to the consumer in an era where it is all about the age of the customer. This includes the Captivate Connect Jukebox solution where customers can choose a range of different genres and styles of music to listen to while they wait on hold.

While the age of the customer is extremely important, so is the voice of the customer. Building a report which highlights customer on hold statistics can provide valuable information to businesses to dramatically improve customer service. This includes information on the number of calls that were placed on hold, the duration, the extension that placed the call on hold. It can report on the preferences of the waiting callers – for example what product they were most interested in and if they will buy the product. It can inform the business on the number of waiting callers who went to the website after the call and provide the business with feedback from customer surveys and product promotions. The report also shows how many callers wanted to receive a callback in preference to waiting. All of these statistics are vital to improving customer service and the customer experience.

Working with BroadSoft, Captivate Connect has developed the most advanced suite of customer experience enhancement products on the BroadWorks platform. It is this framework which encourages developers to provide the most sophisticated enhancements which benefit the business and the consumer. These products include the Captivate Jukebox which allows callers to choose their own music and the Voice Analysis combined with the Voice IVR which builds a profile of the inbound caller. To find out more visit the Captivate Connect website.

About the Author

Mark Horwood is the founder and CEO of Captivate Connect, a telephony enhancement company that works with call centres, SME, corporate and government enterprises to improve caller engagement and experience. 

Captivate Connect provides businesses with the most entertaining, informative and interesting interactive audio and video on hold services. 

Mark, together with his team, developed the first of its kind Captivate Jukebox which allows callers on hold to select their own choice of music genre while they wait.