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This is part 3 of a three part blog series on how Powered by BroadSoft helps channel partners with three key aspects of the customer journey: selling, onboarding, and adoption. In Part 1, we discussed how the Powered by BroadSoft program helps channel partners sell more. Then in Part 2, we talked about how our channel partners are able to simplify and speed up the customer onboarding process with our Powered by BroadSoft platforms and services.

To wrap up the series, we’ll dive into how our program helps channel partners increase the use of feature and product adoption to ultimately improve customer retention and referrals.

Why Adoption is Important

Throughout this blog series, we’ve mentioned the new digital customer journey quite a few times. And specifically for the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) landscape, the most successful players think of the customer journey as a continuum.

In terms of achieving customer adoption, our goal is getting customers to the point at which they become dependent on their new technology product/service and it becomes an essential part of their daily workflows.

When this level of customer adoption is established, it opens the door to expansions, upgrades and renewals.

So how can Powered by BroadSoft help you with upselling and cross-selling?

  • Business Intelligence Systems - Our analytics platform helps channel partners understand which customers have not started using your services, which ones are experiencing issues, and those who are not using the full feature set. With our business intelligence systems, you can grow and nurture your customers, strengthening your relationships with one-on-one communications.
  • Nurture Programs - Proactively address churn and upsell services. Our Customer Management System sends the right message at the right time to your customers. The Customer Satisfaction program enables you to maintain the highest levels of customer service. All of this is supported by our Customer Help Desk, which we operate on your behalf.
  • Training Programs - Our end-user services training program strengthens adoption.

BroadCloud Channel Support System

In the digital world, there’s generally no shortage of data available. However, actually being able to derive actionable insights from that data is often a little bit harder.

Here’s an example of how we provide insights to our channel partners through our BroadCloud Channel Support System.


Grow and Retain your Customers with Powered by BroadSoft

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About the Author

As Digital Engagement Leader, D.P. Venkatesh enables our customers to embark on their digital transformation journey. DP and his team focus on helping customers rethink their end-to-end customer journey from a digital-first perspective. In leading the BroadSoft Digital Engagement team, he works with our partners to help them sell, onboard and grow their customers.