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Each year, Mobile World Congress inspires provocative promises from the world’s leading tech and mobile vendors about how their vision is shaping the future. With more than 100,000 futurists attending, there is no shortage of new mobile devices, IoT solutions, augmented reality experiences and driverless cars.

For us, Mobile World Congress veterans here at BroadSoft, this year’s show marks the beginning of a new era as one with Cisco, but our promise stays the same. We promise our full commitment to our customers - and we will do it better together.

BroadSoft at Mobile World Congress

Our focus at the event is not just to make promises, we want to continue to strategize and make progress. It has been great to meet with our customers and hear how excited they are to expand their solutions and channels, and ultimately empower businesses across the world to collaborate better.

It is clear that there is sweeping progression and innovation across the industry, momentum that we believe will specifically impact business communications. We are particularly excited to see how 5G will impact the future of collaboration and from what we saw, the recent innovations in IoT and smart cities are also set to disrupt how people and things communicate on a macro scale.

The BroadSoft team is more excited than ever to embrace our new Cisco family and continue powering the future of work as we come to the end of arguably the biggest marathon in Barcelona. But, if you had more than 6 hours sleep a night - did you even go to Mobile World Congress?

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