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Competency Celebrate Success

Part of a blog series about the culture and values at BroadSoft.

Take time to celebrate success.

What I like the most about our competencies – the way we work here at BroadSoft – is that they were developed by employees around the world. They weren’t created in some back office or ivory tower. What I like even better about them is how often “celebrate” and “have fun” came up when employees were asked to weigh in on them. So while Trust & Respect, Common Goals, and Customer Focus are really important core competencies for all of us at BroadSoft… as a team, we also make it a priority to recognize each other’s contributions and make work an enjoyable place to be.

Sometimes that's easier said than done.

I will say that we know how to celebrate the big things around here! When we have a great win, a special achievement, or finish a huge project, we will take a moment to celebrate. But then we move immediately into the next thing. In truth, we continually go from project to project, and sometimes the "celebration" is just an email saying thank you.

What we need more of is to sit back and reflect on what we’ve done. It’s hard to do but important to practice that. If we don’t look back and understand what we’ve done together – stand in the limelight a little bit – we risk falling into an assembly-line mentality where you see your individual part of the project, but not the overall accomplishment.

By nature, people want to feel like they’re succeeding and to be recognized for their contributions. Our teams in India do a great job at that. They regularly have award and recognition ceremonies for accomplishments big and small. My first visit to Chennai and Bangalore was eye-opening when we took an afternoon out to recognize what people had done. The employees really enjoyed doing it, and I was amazed by the huge list of successes and achievements.

On my team, we have less formal, but equally valuable ways to celebrate success. We regularly work with end-users, enterprise customers, and partners on provisioning, implementation, and help desk support. I’m proud to say that we also regularly get emails from partners, customers, and sales folks (our internal customers), recognizing someone on the team who’s done a great job. I get these all the time, and it’s a pleasure to share them with the employee and pass them on to our executive team.

BroadSoft Business Value Competency Celebrate Success

Our in-house recognition platform TeamWorks is also a great way to say “thanks” to someone on the team. None of these things cost a lot but they mean a lot to those being recognized. They perform better and enjoy the company, their coworkers, and their job even more.

I look at it like the old, “is the glass half full or half empty” question. It all depends on how you choose to see it. You can look at your workload as a pile of tasks to do and be overwhelmed and unmotivated. Or you can choose a positive attitude and put forth your best effort. But if you’re being recognized and celebrated for what you’ve done, you’re more likely to see that same pile of tasks as a series of opportunities to celebrate successes – big and small.

At BroadSoft, eight “competencies” form the foundation of how we work: Trust & Respect, Common Goals, Communication, Collaboration, Adaptability, Customer Focus, Innovation, and Celebrate Success. The competencies and our values — Enjoy What We Do, Make Great Things Happen, and Do What’s Right — are a big part of our culture in every location and at every level of our organization. In this blog series, different BroadSoft leaders reflect on what the competencies and values mean for them and the work they do. 

About the Author

Todd is the current VP of BroadCloud PBX