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BroadSoft Business Value Collaboration

Part of a blog series about the culture and values at BroadSoft.

We're all in this together.

I’ve been at BroadSoft for 16 years, and I was on the sales side before I came into the Factory.. When I was in Sales, I worked closely with the Factory, Product Development, TAC, and Operations to get things done for my customers and resolve any issues. I had to build those relationships and know who those subject matter experts were. That set me up for the work I do today, finding the right stakeholders and bringing them together.

For me, I like bringing people together and getting everyone’s ideas and perspective as to how we can solve a problem or reach a goal. I know the value other perspective can bring to what we do in the Factory, and how we can work past "departments" to collaborate and work toward the same common goals. It’s so important to go beyond your own view of the world and try to understand it from someone else’s viewpoint.

That’s a big part of what we do at BroadSoft!

A recent example is the BroadCloud Customer Journey project. We’re looking at the customer experience from two perspectives: BroadSoft’s and the customer’s. What is the end-to-end journey in how we bring a new customer onto BroadCloud? We’ve discovered that there are a lot of BroadSoft people and teams that touch the customer as they move through the phases from selling, to onboarding, to the customer selling our products on their own. We’re bringing all of the different organizations together to optimize our processes, systems and tools to make a much more positive and productive journey for our customers. It takes many different perspectives and the collaboration of cross-functional colleagues at all levels.

Business Value Collaboration Competency

I think we all have to understand that we can’t solve problems on our own. To be really efficient and make sure the company is effective, you want to bring in those different views. You have to stop and try not to do it all on your own. In fact, if you find you’re spending a lot of time on something – that’s a good reason to reach out to get some help! You may just find out that someone ran into the same issue and solved it for you two years before.

I realize that I probably take collaboration for granted. I’ve been here for so long, I know who to reach out to. But if you’re new to the company, start small. If you’re in sales, reach out to someone in Product Management. And don’t just send an email or an IM. Call the other person and talk over video. It’s amazing how much more can get done face to face instead of going back and forth over text or email. Sometimes the most effective – and also easiest – thing to do is to use UC-One!

When you’re open to what other people have to offer – their perspectives, their skills, their feedback – you’ll find the strengths in what they can do, not necessarily in their job function or title. That kind of collaborative mindset can produce unexpected – and much better – outcomes than any of us can come up with on our own.

At BroadSoft, eight “competencies” form the foundation of how we work: Trust & Respect, Common Goals, Communication, Collaboration, Adaptability, Customer Focus, Innovation, and Celebrate Success. The competencies and our values — Enjoy What We Do, Make Great Things Happen, and Do What’s Right — are a big part of our culture in every location and at every level of our organization. In this blog series, different BroadSoft leaders reflect on what the competencies and values mean for them and the work they do. 

About the Author

Roxanne Raymundo is currently the senior director in acquisition integration.