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Part of a blog series about the culture and values at BroadSoft.

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To compete and win, we have to be the company that generates the greatest customer value, loyalty and trust. To do that, we have to understand our customers’ businesses and their ways of doing business. Then we must help them be successful and deliver returns to their stakeholders. By doing so, we create value, generate loyalty to our team and underwrite a long-term business relationship.

Whilst sounding simple, this focus on the customer is often distracted when many of our day-to-day activities are short-term and transactional in nature. Where we maximize returns from a customer relationship is not in year one, but rather five years or more down the road after we have proven our value. This fact has proven out time and again across our top customers.

Focusing on the customer and their long term success is how you build those kinds of relationships – whether you work directly with our service provider partners or within the BroadSoft organization in another way.

All of our work is connected and delivering value to end customers because it flows all the way through the organization. For example, delivering a best in class IT infrastructure and applications that empower our workforce, HR’s efforts to recruit and retain the best people, pro-active problem solving from the Finance team -- they all make a difference to our larger goal of delivering exceptional customer service.

Business Culture Customer Focus Competency

In addition to having the right people, processes, tools and IT, the right attitude makes all the difference to our internal and external relationships. If we are not engaged to help solve problems, then we are part of the problem. As a team, we can embrace finding and solving problems to deliver more value (the more complex the better!).

A positive customer-focused attitude internally carries forward into our relationships with external parties. How we treat each other and how we focus on meeting internal customers’ needs is a good indicator of how we treat our actual customers. Positive internal culture generates positive outcomes with our partners and customers. Additionally, If customers see that we enjoy working together, then we become in their eyes a company they want to do more business with.

Whether it be a service provider partner or a colleague at BroadSoft we should all focus on providing excellent service and delivering value. Listen to what the other party is telling you. Understand what they’re telling you. Solve the problem and deliver value with a positive attitude… here’s to more of those very, very long-term business relationships!

At BroadSoft, eight “competencies” form the foundation of how we work: Trust & Respect, Common Goals, Communication, Collaboration, Adaptability, Customer Focus, Innovation, and Celebrate Success. The competencies and our values — Enjoy What We Do, Make Great Things Happen, and Do What’s Right — are a big part of our culture in every location and at every level of our organization. In this blog series, different BroadSoft leaders reflect on what the competencies and values mean for them and the work they do. 

About the Author

Jonathan currently leads worldwide sales for Cisco’s Cloud Unified Communications portfolio. He brings more than 25 years of international sales, business development and strategy experience with a focus on cloud communications and software.