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frostsullivan_logo.pngUnlike premise-based telephony systems, cloud Unified Communications (UC) is more flexible, efficient and affordable. As enterprises realize the opportunities inherent in cloud communications, they need the guidance of a progressive service provider that can help them get the biggest bang for their UC buck. 

There’s no doubt that cloud UC is defining the future of work. By offering on-demand capacity, business continuity and even options for mobility, cloud UC software solutions are targeted to today's workforce. The proof is in the pudding as the cloud UC services market continues to rapidly advance. As an example, Frost & Sullivan forecasts robust growth in the years ahead: Worldwide usage is expected to increase 25% CAGR between now and 2021.

So what’s stopping enterprises from moving to the cloud? Beyond which service provider to choose, there are different models (public, private and hybrid) and benefits to consider. Cloud UC isn’t one size fits all, but public edges out its rivals when it comes to overall advantages, according to Frost & Sullivan.

Decision makers should consider:

  • Financial justifications such as reduced CAPEX and technology risk avoidance
  • Operational benefits such as enhanced business continuity and administration autonomy
  • Functionality advantages including rapid installation plus agility and responsiveness


Once the case has been made to deploy cloud UC, enterprises must be selective in choosing a service provider that can deliver results. Organizations should seek a carrier that supports the transition, understands how end-users work today and uses a market-proven, innovative platform with a successful track record.

A good resource to start off with to learn more is Frost & Sullivan's educational white paper, “Cloud Unified Communications Considerations: Public UC Cloud Benefits Outweigh those of Private UC Cloud.”

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