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With well over 300,000 licenses deployed, Mondago has, for some time, been one of the main providers of CRM Integration solutions in the BroadWorks world. Based on our experience, we now see CRM Integration as an essential part of any service providers’ product portfolio, to the point that absence of such a solution is likely to cause them a competitive disadvantage.

CRM integration continues to be the core value proposition of our products, demonstrated by the continued growth of the integrations made available, as standard, with our flagship Go Integrator product (now well over 30), plus the addition of new integration features such as Activity Tracking. What is also becoming clear is that CRM integration is naturally complimentary with many other key end-user requirements. With this in mind, and combined with feedback from our partner community, we have developed a range of products designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of BroadWorks users with a special emphasis on agent type call handling. Some of these products include:

Go Integrator extension for Chrome

This is an extension for Google’s Chrome browser system that provides a similar set of features as those available in the desktop version of version of Go Integrator. This has been designed in response to the prevalence of browser enabled cloud-based CRM applications and the need to provide a similar user experience across the PC, Mac and Chromebooks.

Agent Toolbar for Go Integrator

Based on demand from service providers, this is a dockable toolbar that provides simplified agent management of BroadWorks Premium and Standard call centers, including join queue, availability state, call control, disposition codes, DNIS control, basis queue information. The toolbar will ship as a standard with Go Integrator DB with no additional installation being required.

Go Wallboard version 3.0

Go Wallboard is a relatively recent addition to our product portfolio providing a Realtime view of Premium and Standard call center queues. The latest version includes changes based on service provider feedback, including automatic switching between layouts, integrated CRM data, and user-programmable layouts.

Ease of Installation

These products continue to follow the same basic principle of our other products and require a client installation only, with no dependence on premise or cloud-based server components. This principle keeps infrastructure costs low and removes complexities associated with application level trust and security.

See these and more at Connections 2018

All of our products, including those above, will be available for demonstration at the Connections 2018 show in Miami (booth S5).

If you're not able to join us in Miami, register to watch the General Session live streams on November 13 and 14.

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Rob Cox has worked in the IT and telecommunications industry for 30 years in a range of roles including programming, global enterprise service and account management, and product marketing. He has been specializing in the CTI industry for the past 10 years.