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Ensuring the operational success of our service providers is a top priority at BroadSoft. With that goal in mind, we recently expanded our training services with a new BroadWorks Certification program. This certification program helps service providers master the technologies and practices needed to sell, install, maintain, and administrate the BroadWorks solution, which is currently deployed in 26 of the top 30 largest service providers worldwide. 

BroadWorks certifications are classroom-based, instructor-led courses available at locations around the world and on customer sites. We offer certifications in engineering, operations, product management, sales engineering and sales. These certifications foster a fundamental knowledge of BroadWorks and help our service providers realize success.

There are two main tracks in the BroadWorks Certification program: engineering and business. We also offer specializations in UC-One, Enterprise Portal, IMS, Trunking, Mobility and Contact Center. 

Engineer Track

The BroadWorks Certified Engineering Track program provides network and operations engineers with the knowledge and skills to successfully implement and support BroadWorks integration and scaling in the network. There are four certification distinctions in the engineering track, for which participants will be tested on different objectives based on their enrolled track

  • BroadWorks Certified Network Engineer – Professional
  • • BroadWorks Certified Network Engineer – Specialist
  • • BroadWorks Certified Operations Engineer – Professional
  • • BroadWorks Certified Operations Engineer – Specialist

Network and operations engineers that complete the professional certification will gain a solid understanding of the basic role and function of each BroadWorks server within a standalone implementation of a BroadWorks network. The course focuses on the bare minimum functionality to achieve basic service delivery (application server, network server, extended services platform, profile server and media server) and the principles of troubleshooting a BroadWorks network

Specialist certifications expand the learning to include optional server technologies and provide a more technically detailed and complete view of the role and function of all BroadWorks servers within a standalone implementation of a BroadWorks network. Specialist certifications also focus on support requirements to maintaining high availability as well as fraud management and service hardening best practices.

Business Track

The BroadSoft Certification Business Track program provides users with the knowledge and skills to successfully deliver pre-sales support for the BroadWorks hosted solution. Participants will be tested on different objectives based on their enrolled track.

  • BroadWorks Certified Sales – Professional
  • • BroadWorks Certified Sales Engineer – Professional
  • • BroadWorks Certified Product Manager – Professional
  • • BroadWorks Certified Sales – Specialist
  • • BroadWorks Certified Sales Engineer – Specialist
  • • BroadWorks Certified Product Manager – Specialist

The sales and product manager professional courses focus on the solutions available in the BroadWorks portfolio along with best practices and tools to determine the proper BroadWorks service solution for a given BroadWorks deployment. Specialist certifications in the business track expand the learning to provide candidates the ability to explain and demonstrate BroadWorks Hosted Solutions in a customer-facing environment. The flow of the Specialist course will repeat the same steps through several product demonstrations

Class Structure & Training Facilities

Participants in all tracks must complete an e-learning module prior to attending any of the certification courses. Certifications courses range from five to eight days, depending on track.

BroadSoft offers our full curriculum of certifications year-round at our headquarters classroom in Maryland, as well as selected certifications at other worldwide facilities. We provide a professionally equipped training environment with dedicated BroadWorks platform access, customer premise equipment, and software applications engineered specifically for participants. Class time is divided into both lectures and practical applications with an emphasis on individual attention and student/peer interaction in conjunction with BroadWorks certified instructors

For a full listing of BroadSoft training courses and locations, download our BroadWorks Certification program course catalogue at training.broadsoft.com.

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