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communication benefits with mobile apps

Being away from your desk is no longer an acceptable excuse for not being able to perform your key business tasks or respond to a customer. Ready access to the internet from practically anywhere, smartphones, airplane WiFi and a deluge of communication apps make an out-of-office response seem unlikely, unless you're on vacation and staying in a treehouse in the Galapagos.

However, not all communication apps are created equal. Some apps provide just the bare minimum of functionality or haven't taken into consideration the needs of today’s modern mobile workforce.

When selecting the right mobile app for your company’s communication needs, here are three areas that we recommend focusing on:

mobile app optimized chat

All network and any conditions
You’re mobile client should be able to leverage any network that you are connected to. Primarily these networks will be 4G/LTE in most developed countries and WiFi for in home/office. But as we know, sometimes network performance is sub-par. Airplane WiFi, basement conference rooms and oversubscribed lounges can all lead to poor network performance. Your app needs to be able to dynamically switch between these networks to get you the performance you need, and if not, be able to switch to basement penetrating frequencies of a 3G call.

Mobile optimized
Just because it’s in the appstore, doesn’t mean your app is mobile optimized. A mobile-first app takes advantage of all of the advanced user experience tools of today’s smart phones such as 3D touch and swiping, while still keeping a super clean experience required for good usability while mobile. Additionally, leveraging notification services for messaging and battery efficiency are an absolute must.

mobile-video-call-app.pngIntelligently integrated
Lastly, it’s not just about calls and messages. Access to key relevant information while you’re talking to customers, colleagues and partners is key to efficient communications when you’re out of the office. A unified communications mobile app needs be tightly integrated with your other cloud services like Office 365, G Suite and Salesforce.com.

BroadSoft bMobile apps and cloud services are the perfect fit for any business with a mobile workforce that needs the flexibility to work from anywhere at anytime.


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About the Author

David Rosenthal is a UC Evangelist at BroadSoft, with 20 years of experience in business VoIP. As part of the early BroadSoft team he wore many hats, with leadership roles in Sales and Professional Services. In the interim, he was a partner at Leonid Systems, which was acquired by BroadSoft in 2015. Back at BroadSoft, his focus is helping drive Unified Communications adoption worldwide.