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broadworks maintenance efficiency and reliability

When properly maintained, BroadWorks runs like a well-oiled machine.

A lack of configuration maintenance and attention to details can have greater risks and cost down the line, as opposed to proactive action before a problem arises.

What if you had a tool that helped you save money with BroadWorks maintenance, record keeping, and checks and balances to prevent repetition and mistakes?

What if you could see all of the past system implementations and you could better address future needs and changes to keep the system up to date and running smoothly?

What if you could quickly identify changes made to the system configuration if unexpected behavior is encountered?

The new BroadWorks Audit tool developed by BroadSoft Professional Services can address all these operational needs:

  • Enable baselining a configuration of a server as a Golden Configuration
  • Automatically comparing current audits to a Golden Configuration
  • Comparing configurations of two different servers of the same type
  • Allowing filtering of contexts to include or exclude configuration selectively

BroadSoft can take care of rolling up the tool for you, giving your peace of mind, as the tool is part of a new subscription service.

Increased stability and efficiency will trickle down into every division of a company, including customer relations, as the ease and speed in which problems can be identified and solved are increased.

With the BroadWorks Audit tool there is really nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

For more information please contact BroadSoft.

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