BroadSoft Beat

BroadSoft Beat

Bridging the Productivity Gap with BroadSoft Hub

Everything is going according to plan this morning. You made it to your gate and you have plenty of time to savour a double shot, extra foam, large cappuccino. And then your phone rings. Your boss is about to go into a meeting with a major prospect and she can’t find the revised.. [ Read More ]

5 Simple Steps Will Help Minimize Your Personal Cyber Risk

Today, WikiLeaks published what appears to be a huge repository of hacking information, tactics and exploits that was allegedly sourced from the CIA and NSA. [ Read More ]

BroadSoft Business Chosen For Delivering Innovation Within the Enterprise Communications Industry

BroadSoft is thrilled to have been selected as a finalist for this year’s “Best of Enterprise Connect 2017” award for our BroadSoft Business portfolio of solutions. The “Best of Enterprise Connect” award recognizes exhibitors who have made significant technological advancements.. [ Read More ]

F&S Reports Opportunities and Challenges for Service Providers in the Rapidly Evolving UCaaS Market

Frost & Sullivan teamed up with BroadSoft in late 2016 to conduct in-depth personal interviews of over 20 senior executives from the BroadSoft global channel service provider (CSP) partner base. The goal of the survey was to uncover pain points and better understand what’s.. [ Read More ]