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The workplace has evolved at an unimaginable pace in the last few years. The very definition of work, as we know it, is being conclusively altered. No longer is work limited to a “brick and mortar” location where we must customarily show up to prove our efficiency. The pattern of the “daily grind”—of employees commuting to their office location for a fixed number of hours at a fixed locationis quickly reaching a point of obsolescence. 

The truth is that in this age of unreserved globalization, workers routinely stretch their efforts beyond regular hours. They are driven to meet multiple deadlines, resolve problems, and make fast decisions not only within the confines of their own geography but across multiple time zones and locations. Information sharing, collaboration efforts, and team communication is a constant need not limited to fixed hours of the day. This “new normal” in our work lives challenges the very notion of when, where, and how we come together as a global workforce to achieve solid business outcomes.

Not only that. Employees also crave work-life balance that allows them to manage family obligations with professional responsibilities without having to bargain on either. To be successful at achieving this balance, enterprises need a flexible unified communications approach towards achieving business productivity by offering employees an on-the-go work environment equipped with a variety of communication tools, collaboration hubs, information sharing mechanisms, and uninterrupted connectivity with coworkers. 

BroadSoft’s newest portfolio of UC-One apps help teams reach new levels of enterprise productivity through an integrated user experience. Our new offering, the UC-One Communicator app is available as a desktop client, as well as a mobile or tablet app. Offering easy access to a full suite of Unified Communication (UC) services and ideal for the power user, it allows users to send instant messages, start a voice or video call, join a conference, and share files and screens. It integrates with the most common calendar and email clients, ensuring that users can stay connected through one simple application to access all of their business needs. The UC-One Communicator for Chrome is designed to complement the Google Chrome ecosystem. Integrated with Google Apps for Work, it is ideal for workers in a Google cloud-based environment, providing access to work communications from any Chrome-enabled desktop or laptop. UC-One Connect is a mobile-first app for iOS and Android operating systems. Designed for the worker on the move, it is perfect for staying connected with online coworkers for quick information sharing.

Enabling an “on-the-go” generation of employees to communicate and collaborate from any location on any device is no longer a matter of choice for enterprises—it is the inevitable reality of the future of work. Download our “UC-One Mobile Apps for the Anywhere Workplace” brochure for more details on our mobile app portfolio.

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