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Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have a clear goal for their customers: serve optimal application performance at a competitive price. However, as traffic traverses the global network, how do you execute on that performance delivery? Do you really know what’s going on in the network? How are your customer applications performing? Is the customer persistently hitting maximum utilization?

As businesses race to adopt the benefits of cloud-based applications, there is another silent but key component: reliable and consistent application delivery. How quickly does a retail application perform? Does a PoS application stall mid-transaction? User application experience is the foundation for driving business success. Business IT are looking to MSPs to deliver peace of mind that the technology is running smoothly, reliably, and with consistent performance across the wide area network. This is where internet connectivity becomes business critical.

However, the internet also introduces greater risk exposure and inconsistent user experience. In the face of this, MSPs further offer increased value-add, differentiated services with SD-WAN, WAN Optimization and advanced security. To keep serving that optimal application performance at a competitive price, MSPs are looking to analytics for an eagle’s eye view into the complete network. With analytics, IT can leverage machine learning and correlation to obtain user-friendly data consumption models. Analytics drives sales motions, client differentiation, and accurate trouble shooting.

Sales Motions

It’s important to be an informed partner to clients, especially as you are setting continued service level agreements. Network analytics can easily identify bandwidth usage, application performance and detect anomalies based on baseline application usage. A deep insight into the customer’s utilization helps determine how the customer is using the network, which in turn drives future service level agreements. Most clients, across the full array of vertical industries, are running voice, video, and data applications critical to the businesses’ success. Voice and video traffic are extremely sensitive to any delays or latency. Nothing is more powerful than facts and numbers themselves showcasing usage metrics to ensure future application performance, without delays.

Client Differentiation

Additionally, any MSP that can provide customers the full analytics metrics into their own usage is a competitive differentiator. This is data customers don’t have access to and yet can use to change the way their business operates.

Accurate Troubleshooting

With analytics, time becomes less relevant. IT can dive deep into any time frame, across any application, and correlate across multiple factors to help determine network performance hits that aren’t naturally obvious.

With Cisco SD-WAN analytics, MSPs can achieve:

  • Comprehensive visibility of apps and infrastructure across the WAN - Provides real-time information for failure correlation, cross customer benchmarking, and application performance scores
  • Forecasting insight - Enables future planning based on application, bandwidth, and branch expansion analysis
  • Intelligent recommendations - Recommendations for app QoS categorization and policy changes for predictable app performance

It’s what your customers need: optimal application performance at a competitive price… with secure, consistent delivery. Visit us at www.cisco.com/go/sdwan to learn more. And follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay in touch with the latest.

About the Author

Sangita Patel is part of Cisco’s Enterprise Networking marketing group with a focus on SD-WAN & Routing. She has 15+ years’ experience in Product/Strategic/Solutions Marketing within the networking and semiconductor industry.