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mobile communication improves productivity

Here are six important reasons why effective mobile communication tools are a top business priority.

1. Improved productivity. With workers spending more time away from their desk, they need to be efficient working from any location. By untethering your workforce, you can significantly increase organizational productivity and responsiveness.

2. Improved collaboration. Brainstorming and a free-flowing “give and take” are fundamental to problem-solving and to developing new ideas. When you invest in mobile communications, you ensure valuable collaboration continues even when employees are on the move. Plus, millennials will soon comprise at least 50% of the workforce. This mobile generation expects to work collaboratively from the device of their choice.

3. Improved responsiveness. A quick response can make or break an important deal and impact your company’s reputation. You don’t want to miss a bid deadline or keep a customer waiting for an answer because key members of your team are on the road.

4. Improved customer satisfaction. When you eliminate phone tag and communication gaps, everyone benefits. Employees can communicate more quickly and efficiently. Customers and prospects take notice too, giving you a competitive advantage. They get the answers they need right away and stay sold on the merits of your business.

5. Improved employee satisfaction. Employees are happier when they have choices in which devices they can use for work. They can separate business and personal communications without requiring multiple devices, and use their own familiar smart devices while preserving the independence of a personal (non-business) phone number and online identity.

6. Increased revenues. With improved responsiveness and customer satisfaction, you are much more likely to get positive referrals that can help you build your client base—and your bottom line.

If your employees are frequently on the go, make certain they can remain productive wherever they work or travel. Explore cloud-based mobile communication tools that can help them do more and work seamlessly just as if they were in the office.

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Samia Magbie has worked as a senior manager of marketing and communications at BroadSoft since 2013.