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Mid-market businesses are a relatively untapped market for service providers in the cloud-based unified communications (UC) arena. The growth potential of this market is astounding—cloud UC market penetration is expected to grow 7x in the midmarket segment by 2020, more than any other segment. This means we’ll go from 5% UCaaS/Hosted PBX market penetration to 37% in the mid-market. 

With cloud UC adoption picking up pace, service providers that understand the business objectives of the mid-market segment will be ready to seize this opportunity. That’s because their business objectives have a direct impact on their technology purchase decisions; mid-market businesses approach technology as a competitive advantage.

The mid-market business segment is ripe for cloud-based UC services because unified communications directly support their primary business objectives. Let's look a little deeper at how:   

Productivity Improvement

Productivity improvement is a top business driver for 80% of mid-size IT decision makers. Cloud-based UC empowers users and teams with a full range of UC apps that are specifically designed to make them more productive. What’s more, cloud-based UC solutions facilitate collaboration which is another top business driver for 70% of mid-size businesses. 

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Mid-market businesses also want to stay ahead of the curve, which is a key driver for 68% of mid-market IT decision makers. In the cloud, mid-size businesses have the latest UC technologies at their disposal. Upgrades are tested and deployed seamlessly and more frequently than on-premises solutions.

Reducing Costs

Whether a mid-market business, large enterprise or small business, everyone wants to reduce costs. Lowering costs ranks near the top of what motivates mid-market IT decision makers. Cloud UC delivers robust communications and collaboration tools without the associated upfront capital expenditure, deployment cost, and ongoing maintenance of on-premises solutions.

Supporting Multiple Locations

Cloud-based UC services are designed for accessibility from anywhere with minimal IT intervention. With the rise of the millenials in the workplace, flexible schedules and remote working are becoming commonplace. Cloud-based UC solutions enable mid-market organisations to have their employees effectively collaborate with other colleagues regardless of their location.    

While lowering costs is universal for businesses of all sizes, you can’t treat the mid-market decision maker like you would a very large enterprise or a small business. Service providers that understand the unique business objectives of the mid-market segment will be able to differentiate their offers and capitalize on the positive momentum in UC cloud adoption.




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