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leverage cloud to improve collaboration and communications

Digital transformation is the reinvention of business through strategy, vision, and technology to improve business results. Simply put, it’s how you can compete more successfully by making your company more agile, more productive, more mobile and more digital.

A key goal of digital transformation is to improve communications and collaboration in your organization. We spend 69% of our workday on communications-based activities, and 60% of that time is spent away from our desks. This plays a critical role in how we make decisions, bring new products and services to market, and provide a better customer experience.

To achieve these goals, companies must be willing to leverage the cloud and other technologies such as artificial intelligence, messaging, and mobility to improve communications and decision making both inside and outside your organization.

Making the best decisions requires involving the right people as quickly as possible - regardless of where they are or what device is at hand. It also involves having the right content and information readily available.

This is where secure mobile real-time access to critical information from your mobile plays a key role in your digital transformation journey.

The mobile phone has become the centerpiece of business effectiveness. Research indicates that 59% of professionals use their mobile devices to run line of business applications, and 80% use text messaging for business from their mobiles.

business mobility to improve productivitySo how do we achieve mobile transformation?

  • Find a mobile communications platform that has the right balance of open and secure. The more dispersed and mobile your organization, the more critical this becomes.
  • Make sure your mobile apps have real-time access to applications in the cloud. When integrated with your Google, Microsoft, and other cloud business tools, your employees can work smarter and have more productive interactions.
  • Make sure everyone can call, message and meet from their mobile as effectively as they can when they're at their desk. Giving mobile workers rich unified communications features such as HD video and VoIP calling, business chat, and the ability to fully participate in online meetings, empowers them to do their job more effectively.
  • Any network access is critical to business continuity. Make sure your mobile platform supports seamless call moving between devices and between networks.
  • Make sure your mobile apps support multiple identities for BYOD users who want to maintain distinct personal and professional numbers on a single mobile device.

When this level of mobility is available to your employees, your organization becomes more agile and productive, enabling you to truly transform your communications into a strategic imperative to help your business grow and achieve better business outcomes.

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