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iStock_000051847048_Large.jpgWebRTC seems to be the new “it” word in telecommunications. And for good reason. By 2019, there will be more than six billion WebRTC-enabled devices and up to two billion WebRTC users according to the 2014 WebRTC Market Status & Forecasts Report. Even today, WebRTC is already enabled on more than a billion browsers, which indicates a very real and immediate opportunity for channel partners to meet enterprise customer expectations. There is an ever-growing list of use cases for WebRTC, but here are BroadSoft’s top five:

WebRTC technology helps subscribers:

  1. Extend UC Beyond the Confines of the Enterprise: WebRTC solutions can help extend real-time unified communications (UC) beyond the confines of an enterprise – to any customer, partner or supplier with a WebRTC-enabled browser.
  1. Improve Their Mobile Experience: WebRTC-enabled technologies allow Mobile Network Operators to create a more compelling customer experience on mobile devices. For example, adding voice or video capability into an app provided by a mobile operator would allow a subscriber to reach a customer service representative for more personalized support.
  1. Access Data-Driven Services Faster: WebRTC lowers enterprise IT deployment and support costs by eliminating user need to open Unified Communications clients. At the same time, WebRTC allows telcos and developers to create WebRTC-enabled communication and collaboration applications with limited/basic development resources.
  1. Enable Team Collaboration: WebRTC’s ability to extend UC to individuals outside the organization not only allows business end-users to add colleagues to their personal meeting rooms, but to external individuals as well.
  1. Improves productivity and maximizes UC benefits: Through the use of open standards and browsers, WebRTC eliminates the need for complex systems to extend users across firewalls for video collaboration and sharing. In some cases, WebRTC can actually reduce the overall sales cycle by quickly helping customers and prospects get the information they need.


Leveraging WebRTC to develop and deliver Unified Communications services to enterprise customers and consumers presents a very real opportunity to telecommunication service providers.

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