Workforce Optimization and Speech-Enabled IVR Now Part of BroadSoft CC-One

Written by Steve Kaish on 22.08.2017

This week BroadSoft is pleased to announce the addition of Workforce Optimization, Speech-enabled IVR, and Voice of the Customer analytics to CC-One. These new features will help contact centers impro...

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Customer Journey Analytics With Contact Center Data - A Three-Part Series

Rich Guth
Written by Rich Guth
on 28.07.2017

Your contact center systems provide you with a lot of data. There’s a lot of value in that data, if you just know how to reach it. Doing Customer Journey Analytics with your contact center data,  data...

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Next Generation Contact Centers: Technology Enabled, Context Driven, and Customer Focused

The traditional idea of a contact center brings this image to mind—a large room, cubicles arranged in orderly fashion, agents sitting before a computer with headphones, numerous voices echoing in the ...

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