Getting Started with Team-One? 5 Tips for the Team-One Newbie

Cindy Batzli
Written by Cindy Batzli
on 03/16/2017

First things first: welcome to Team-One! We’re excited to have you onboard. If you’re brand new to Team-One, rest assured that it’s simple to use and before you know it, Team-One will be your single d...

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Bridging the Productivity Gap with BroadSoft Hub

Everything is going according to plan this morning. You made it to your gate and you have plenty of time to savour a double shot, extra foam, large cappuccino. And then your phone rings. Your boss is ...

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BroadSoft Hub: Bringing Contextual Intelligence to Communications

How many times have you spent the first ten minutes of a conference call frantically searching for the relevant slides? How often have you tried to send a document to a colleague but aren’t able to fi...

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